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  1. Cherokee imma big fan I would love to get a chance to get into porn because I’m trying to help out my moms plus I have a sister who has stomach cancer and I just been going through the most I been watching u every time a get a chance and I think I’m ready to prove to u I have what it takes to do porn and I would appreciate u so much if u granted me that chance u can text me or call me at 619 252 3975 that’s my phone number thank u

  2. you are a wonderfull hot girl with such a nice figure so attractive and hot which makes a man like me dificult from where to start….your boobs first or your ass or… difficult….

      1. 25 yr old black male athletic build have sum experience with female pornstars just not on camera…one shot wud b all I need to impress

  3. Hey Cherokee I’m Lamar I’m really a big fan of yours I enjoy ur videos , scenes and much more I’m from Ga and I wanna get into da porn business but don’t kno how if u can contact me with points or some type of help I would appreciate it my number is 912-631-1781 Lamar or u can email me

  4. Gotta say ur amazing…u def helped me out..gotta say thank you…I’m just a fan..def keep doin u…you and Sara jay…def da best for me..jst wnted to show u sum much deserved luv…oh yea luv dat lion cldnt be in a better spot…ms lioness…

  5. Hi cherokee I’m Kevin I’m a big fan in Miami and would love to spend sometime with you what are the steps I need to take toy ultimate fantasy become a reality I hope to hear from you soon thank you

  6. hi beautiful i live in Toronto Canada and want to know when u coming here or if i want u to come what ur fees email me back please

  7. Hi beauty,
    You’re very sexy!
    I would like to meet you one day because
    i love women with big ass like you.
    Unfortunatelly i never had a girlfriend this is for this reason
    i am writting you. I believe you can travel for me because i live in Geneva in Switzerland. Is that possible
    to meet me in April for example? I wait your answer beauty!


  8. Cherokee, please I just
    want to know if you
    are single or married? Please Reply or give me a call, +2348094380848. Thanks

  9. Hey let Cherokee be a teacher in a porn scene with a white guy I would love to bend that ass over a desk. Dream come true for anyone. Who hasn’t had a black teacher with a big ghetto booty. Hmu to be in the scene would love to get into the business i will be your money maker!

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